Building schools…Building futures…Lifting Longview

Projects for every school

It is vitally important that the voters approve the Longview School District’s Facilities Bond.  Doing so will allow the district to address its most urgent needs (as identified by its Facilities Advisory Committee).  Replacement of Mint Valley and Northlake elementary schools (which have been rated as poor in the physical condition and functional adequacy) will expand elementary permanent capacity, permitting the elimination of most portables and accommodation of state-mandated lower class sizes.  With interest rates still at low levels, this is a prime time to replace worn-out schools, rather than wasting money on temporary fixes. 

Safety and security will be enhanced at all district sites, with improved security at entrances, additional security cameras, better lighting and additional fencing.  Upgrades of vocational facilities at both high schools will create an excellent environment for career and technical education. Memorial Stadium will be renovated, with a synthetic turf field and new track.  The bond will also pay for major repair projects throughout the district.

It has been 18 years since the district passed any bond, and 25 years since it passed an elementary school bond.  Previous generations did a great job of providing Longview with good school facilities.  Now it’s time for us to carry on that tradition.  Constructing 21st-century schools will give our students a strong start and help make Longview a district of choice for families and staff.  It’s time to invest in our kids and community: building schools, building futures and lifting Longview.  Please vote YES for Longview’s school bond!


LEA Endorses Bond Measure

The following have endorsed the bond measure:

Longview-Kelso Chamber of Commerce

Cowlitz Wahkiakum Counties Labor Council

Longview-Kelso Building and Construction Trades Council

The Daily News

Longview Education Association – See Facebook

Longview Classified Public Employees Association (LCPEA)

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) , Local 925

Dean Takko, State Senator – 19th District

Brian Blake, State Representative – 19th District

Jim Walsh, State Representative – 19th District

Longview City Council Members, Don Jensen, Mike Wallin, Steve Moon, Mary Alice Wallis, Scott Vydra and Chet Makinster

Longview City Council candidates, John Melink, Ruth Kendall and Spencer Boudreau

Kids should always come first

See an editorial in The Daily News by Phil Jurmu, chairman of Longview Citizens for Quality Schools.