School district tax measures can be confusing as they don’t appear on a ballot every year. This page helps to lessen the confusion. If you have specific questions or need further clarification you can send us a message pm the Contact Us (on the main menu). This site is owned and maintained by Longview Citizens for Quality Schools and is not a part of the Longview School District. However, feel free to contact the Longview School District if you have any questions about the upcoming levy.

I thought the state now provides the funds for local schools

  • The state does pay a base amount based on what is called a ‘prototypical’ model. Every district of the 295 in our state has needs beyond what the prototypical model provides.
  • Just one need our district faces is in special education funding. The state funds special education with a figure that 13.5% (just recently increased from 12%) of any district’s student population needs special education funding. Longview has close to 18% of its student population receiving special education services.
  • How does the district fill that gap? Through funds provided in the levy. The prototypic typical model does not consider coaches, most counselors, custodians, and paraprofessionals. Our schools offer many programs not covered by the prototypical model requiring more teachers. All in all, levy dollars pay for around 125 school employees.

I thought we just voted on a school measure?

The measure on the November 5th ballot was for a bond, not a levy. While over 58% of you voted YES, that measure needed a 60% approval. The upcoming levy requires a simple majority (50% plus one). This levy is a replacement for the current levy which expires on December of 2020.

What will it cost me?

  • A levy is for a specific dollar amount and the rate per $1000 of assessed value is computed based on that dollar amount.  This will be a request for a levy over a period of four year. The chart below shows the approximate rate per $1000 of your assessed value of your property.  The approximate levy rate of $2.22 is based on the most recent assessed value of property within the school district tax district.  If property values change between 2021 and 2014, that rate will change.  It should be noted that the maximum rate the district could set is $2.50 per thousand.  The school board set the levy amount based on our absolute needs to close the gap from what the state allocation is to the they saw were the needs of the district to support the vital programs in place. 
  • See the information in the latest Cowlitz County Voter’s Pamphlet.
  • Collection Years Approximate Levy
    Assessed Value
    Levy Amount
    2021 $2.22  $13,790,705 
    2022 $2.22 $14,496,559
    2023 $2.22 $15,235,033
    2024 $2.22 $16,007,613

School Tax Rates

The following chart was taken from a to Longview School Board informational mailing. It should be noted this chart shows the combined tax rate voted on by Longview voters of which the levies are just a part of the overall tax rates.

Tax Rates