There are many questions voters may have about the bond issue.  The FAQ pages hope to help you find answers to those questions.  In addition to FAQs on this page, visit the Longview School District site for bond information

How does the district assess the condition of its facilities?

How much of the budget goes to maintenance?

Size and Scope of District Property

FAQs about your concerned about costs?

  • Good idea, but couldn’t it be done for less?
  • What if there is money left over?
  • What will it cost me?
  • Can I get tax relief?

Safety and security 

  • Why do we need to upgrade the district’s safety and security?

How did the project come to be?

Longview School District has a Facility Advisory Committee that has been meeting for years.  The committee is composed of staff and citizens.  The meet numerous times of each year to look at facility conditions, maintenance and PRAM (Preventative Repairs and Maintenance) projects.  This committee makes recommendations to the school board who make the final decision on what projects that will be dealt with as regular maintenance items and those in need of long-term financing.

What is PRAM?

Preventative Repairs and Maintenance. Maintenance and repair/replacement items that the district needs to address.  The Facility Advisory Committee prioritizes these items based on urgency and funds availability. Each year items are added and items taken off when taken care of.  If they were to do everything, it would be north of $25 million.