What is a bond?

  • A bond is long-term borrowing of money to finance building projects. If approved, the funds must be used as specified in the bond issue. That means the money cannot be used for regular maintenance and operation of the school district.
  • To approve a bond, at least 60% of voters must be in favor.

What is a levy?

  • A levy is used for more short-term funding for needs that are not provided from state and federal sources For example, Longview voters approved the current a replacement levy for educational programs and operations for two years and the capital projects and technology levy for a period of four years.  The levy being voted on during the February election is not in addition to the current levy, but a replacement.
  • Levies need a 50% approval of the voters.  Longview votes have a long tradition of supporting the replacement levy for educational programs and operations.  Thank you – you understand the importance and needs.

Will the district get state matching funds?

  • We often hear of matching funds.  Matchng funds are only offered by the state for school construction projects financed by a bond election. The Februay election is not a bond election. That is what voters voted on last November.


Educating our children in the public schools is almost entirely funded by taxes. While the federal government partially funds special programs like special education, Title programs and Career and Technical education programs, the bulk of the funding comes from the state govenrment with local communities providing necessary funding and support to carry out the level of education each community wants their children to receive. Local school funding measures are one of the very few taxes our commuity actually directly vote for.