Capital Projects & Tech Levy

The second replacement levy on the ballot is the Capital Project and Technology Levy. A majority of this levy would be focused on facilities.

  • The Capital Projects and Tech levy is asking for a little over $3 million per year starting in 2019.  The cost to property owners would be an estimated 34 cents per $1,000 property value. The cost per $150,000 assessed valuation would be an estimated $51 a year.
  •  The technology levy funds would be used for upgrade and replace outdated computer technology.

Important to Know

State support of schools does not cover technology. Tech levy funds pay for both student and teacher computers and infrastructure; the district has a system-wide equipment replacement schedule for both.

With over a million square feet of facilities the district is responsible for there seems never to be enough funds to keep them in the condition needed.  A district/community committee has identified around $250M in needs.  The district has spent about $12-13M over the past six years taking care of facilities.  This levy would increase the amount directed to facility needs while returning $500,000 back to the general fund, money needed simply to provide for direct education.