Thank you Longview voters! Initial results – 63.56% APPROVAL!!! 

This website is produced by The Longview Citizens for Quality Schools citizen committee.  Our role is to provide you with information to ask you for your vote YES for the replacement Capital Projects and Technology Levy.   Please visit Longview School District’s website for more information.

Longview’s kids and community need your support to continue supporting the Education Programs and Operations Levy

Who also agrees with this?

Who agrees?

Cowlitz County Economic Development Conference –“The Board unanimously approved support for both levies.”

Longview-Kelso Chamber of Commerce – “On the recommendation of The Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs committee, the Board of Directors voted to endorse the proposed Longview School District Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy that will be on the February 2024 ballot.”

Longview/Kelso Building Trade Council – “The Longview/Kelso Building Trade Council (LKBCTC) and its affiliates are in full support of the 2024 Education Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy..”

The Daily News –“ In some cases, choosing an option which does the minimum is fine. As long as your socks cover your foot, that’s usually good enough. But when it comes to education, we should set our sights a little higher than just hitting the minimum.  We believe continuing this educational programs and operations levy is crucial for the future of Longview schools, and without it, the district will only be able to provide the minimum to students.  “…when the ballot arrives, we have to make sure to vote yes on Proposition 1.

In 2018, 61 percent of voters approved the Longview Schools Capital Projects and Technology Levy and we hope you vote “yes” on the replacement levy. The citizens in our community understand the importance of providing the school district with the funds it needs to maintain quality schools and provide up to date technology students and classrooms. Voting in favor of the Capital Projects and Technology Levy is not about paying, it is about supporting the students in our community so they can reach their academic goals.

The facility needs of the school district are significant and the passage of this replacement levy will help repair, replace and upgrade schools across the district. Supporting the levy means the district can continue its work in upgrading school security to keep our kids safe while they are in class and provide parents peace of mind. Voting in favor of the capital projects levy will help local businesses who will have the opportunity to complete the levy work like installing new school roofing, replacing worn out electrical systems and upgrading broken down plumbing.

Voting yes for the replacement levy is about supporting the students, but taxes are a consideration too. In this case, the district is asking for less in tax collections for the replacement levy than voters are currently paying. The district has been responsible in what they are asking for and we hope you join us in voting “yes” for the replacement levy on April 26.

Thanks for visiting the Longview Citizens for Quality Schools website. 

This website is produced by The Longview Citizens for Quality Schools citizen committee.  Our role is to provide you with information to have you vote YES for the replacement Capital Projects and Technology Levy.   Please visit Longview School District’s website for more information.

Important Facts About the Replacement EP&O Levy

  1. This levy is not a new tax. The proposed levy is a four-year levy that replaces the existing levy which expires at the end of 2024.
  2. Total locally voted school tax collections will decrease from current levels.
  3. Longview Public School’s levy rates are currently below the Cowlitz and Clark County averages and are estimated to decrease from current levels.
  4. The levy funds approximately 15 percent of the district’s annual budget. ($16-18 million)
  5. The levy currently funds about 69 teachers and other certified positions.
  6. Levy dollars now pay for well over 65 school support employees.
  7. Levy funds pay for approximately 10 percent of special education services and costs.
  8. Sports programs, activities, and clubs are almost completely funded by the levy.
  9. Levy dollars help pay for textbooks, workbooks, and other teaching materials.
  10. School transportation services are partially funded by local levy funds.